Unlocking Predictive Insights for your Sphere Contacts

While you have the ability to use almost all of the SmartTargeting CRM features with your Sphere of Influence, imported contacts will come into your account in a “locked” state.

Locked contacts have restricted access to seller analytics and insights that determine the homeowner’s likelihood to sell.  This includes AVM history, transaction history, general contact insights, etc.  You can unlock this information for each Sphere contact by using Predictive Insight credits.  Each sphere contact will be assigned a general likelihood to sell score: High, Medium, or Low.  These scores are only visible for unlocked contacts. 

A complimentary number of Predictive Insight credits has been provided to you, which can be viewed in the top right corner of your Dashboard homepage:

By subscribing for more Predictive Insight credits, you only pay for the data you want–you determine which contacts to unlock and when.

**Please Note:  Credits only apply to contacts outside of your SmartTargeting farm.  Imported Sphere contacts who reside within your farm will be merged with the existing farm contact.  You will continue to have full access to all data and analytics for that contact without using a Predictive Insight credit.**


To Unlock a Contact:

  1.  Click into the contact of your choice with a lock symbol:

2.  When on the contact page, you will see an “UNLOCK” button on the right side of the page:

What happens to the credits when you delete unlocked contacts?

When you delete a contact which you have unlocked previously using credits, the contact will be removed from your account and the credit used to unlock the contact will not be refunded. However, if you did not intend to delete the contact and would like to redeem the credits used to unlock that contact, you can do so by following the below steps.

  1. Click on ‘Credits’ section 

2. Then click on ‘Redeemable insights’ button highlighted in blue.

3. Once you click on Redeemable Insights you will be able to see all the property’s you have deleted previously. Click on “Return” the property’s insights to get your credit back.

(Note: 1 Credit per unlocked property address).

NOTE: Credits are property centric not contact centric. If you’ve deleted a contact from the property and added back a different contact to that same property, that particular contact will be unlocked without using credits. Credits will not be added back in order to unlock that contact.

To learn more about what each ranking means, click here!

To learn more about purchasing Predictive Insight credits, click here!

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