Agent Branding Setup

The branding you set up in this section will appear cohesively across your entire account and be used on all your marketing!

For New Agents:Click “Launchpad” to get started creating your agent profile.Pre-existing Agents looking to create a “Partner Profile” or a “Team Profile” can also use the Launchpad feature to update their branding.More about the LaunchPad here!

For Existing Agents:  To update info in your Branding Profile after initial launchpad setup, you will first need to update your Agent Profile.Use the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account and select “Profile Settings”.

Here you can add or edit your branding profile and business information, keeping in mind your state’s requirements. *If you work with a partner or a team, you can fill out the appropriate profiles in addition to the Agent Profile.

You can also add your social media handles and your biography- these features will appear on your SmartHomePrice Lead Capture Website!Many agents use the Tagline feature in the Biography section to advertise their value proposition on their mailers.

Once your Agent Profile contains the information you would like displayed on your marketing, use the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account and select “Account Settings”.

Next, under “Campaign Settings”, click “Branding”.

Here, you can manage your Postcard and Handwritten Note Branding, by toggling between the two buttons directly above the Postcard preview.

Important Tips

Branding photos and logos should be either a JPG or PNG

File size should be at least 54 kb

Images should be at least 300 dpi for a seamless upload and a high-quality print

To crop/adjust your image, please use the scrolling feature on your mouse or touchpad

*Remember to click “Done” to save your changes in each section*  Required Image Dimensions for Branding:

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