Lead Capture Websites: Offer Pages

Offer Pages

  1. Smart Home Price is our flagship site that offers a popular call to action- the opportunity for a homeowner to check their home value. Homeowners have the ability to view an automated CMA, using advanced analytics, to provide an estimate of their home’s value based on current market conditions.

They can even view neighborhood information based on their property’s zip code, connect with you directly by accessing your website or social media pages, and learn more about you by viewing your biography!
SmartHomePrice.com has been optimized to allow for the most customization based on your preferences; upload your own images for local credibility, and control the content displayed by simply clicking a check box!

To know more about customizing your SmartHomePrice website please click here

2.  7 Seller Tips supplies the respondent a guide on selling do’s and don’ts. We will provide respondents a free 7 Seller Tips PDF via email on your behalf.

3.  Name Your Selling Price is a hassle free way for your targets to explicitly state at what price they would consider selling their home.  This is a great call to action which takes the guesswork out of determining the homeowner’s intentions.

4.  Home Trends Report is a monthly snapshot of the real estate market in a particular zip-code.  This will provide a homeowner with an immediate item of value and a respondent email drip campaign that sends the homeowner monthly reports.


Preview your Lead Capture Websites

When you are completing the initial setup of your lead capture websites through the Launch Pad feature, you will have a few opportunities to preview the look and feel of your lead capture websites.

During Lead Capture Field Optimization:

During the final step – “Publish”:

After setup is completely finished, you can always view a preview again by clicking on your photo near the top right and then “Account Settings” in the drop down menu.  Here you will select “Lead Capture Websites”.  Next, select the “show more” button in blue, just below your unique subdomain.  All four of your lead capture websites will appear as clickable links.  Previewing your websites is a great way to see exactly what a homeowner sees when they visit your page!


**Please note:  Our offer sites are mobile-friendly!  All four of your landing sites are optimized to support mobile devices automatically!

Smart Home Price Offer Site

Q:  What is the “Adjust My Home Value” offer?
A:  The “Adjust My Home Value” component allows homeowners in your farm to, through you, modify their online home value on top real estate sites, such as BoomTown.com. This allows any potential buyers a chance to see the most accurate representation of the home in question.

As the agent offering this service, it gives you a chance to have a conversation directly with the homeowner, but on their terms while exhibiting yourself as the true real estate authority in your farm!

The overall “Adjust My Home Value” offer flow from start to finish:

  • Promote this new compelling offer to homeowners via SmartHomePrice.com

  • Request comes in: Homeowners will submit their requested home value change directly to you.

  • Schedule time to walk through home: You reach out to the homeowner to “verify” the value and then submit these changes through your account.

  • Values update: SmartZip will adjust the home’s AVM calculation accordingly and reflect this percentage change in future calculations.

  • Syndication: During the next monthly data delivery, SmartZip will syndicate the adjusted AVM across top real estate sites.

Note: This offer only applies to respondents with key codes or addresses in your territory.
Q:  What is the lead capture flow of SmartHomePrice.com
A:  1.  Homeowners will start by typing in your unique URL address (Example: verygoodagentz.smarthomeprice.com) then they will be brought to the initial page where they will be asked to search for a property or enter a key code and type in the Captcha.

2. SmartHomePrice.com will look up the property.

3. Homeowners will be asked to supply their information.  The content that is considered required vs. optional will be dependent on the preferences you set during your initial landing page configuration.  This information will be broken up into two stages to maximize your likelihood of capturing lead information, including their email address.

To ensure you get the most amount of information for a fruitful follow up the homeowner will be asked to indicate their selling intent.

4.  Once the homeowner clicks Submit, a link to their home value will be sent to the email they provided.  In the meantime, they can view neighborhood information based on their property’s zip code.

5.  Once the homeowner clicks on the link they will be brought to view their home value.

At any point during the lead capture flow homeowners will have the option of connecting with you directly by contacting you or accessing your social media links.

6.  The email that is provided to the homeowner, on your behalf, will include your branding information as well as a link to receive their home price analysis.  Below is a sample preview of the email that is sent.

Q:  Where can I view the CMA a respondent has seen?
A:  1. Go to the Contacts section and select the homeowner’s name to access the quick panel view for this contact’s information. 

2.  Scroll down to find the “Actions Tab”

3.  From there, you can select the preview of either the SmartHomePrice value and/or Home Trends Report:

Q:  Can I print out the CMA page shown on SmartHomePrice.com?

A:  No, you will not be able to print out the information shown on SmartHomePrice.com.  In order to ensure this offer is utilized to its fullest potential, the content can only be accessed by homeowners who log in and follow the steps. This will then capture their information and add them to the 8×8 email nurture and Home Trends Report drip campaigns.

You can view the CMA page of any homeowner who provided an email address by clicking on the Preview on SmartHomePrice.com link under the individual contacts About Property tab.

Q:  How quickly will my verified value display on top real estate sites?
A:  The process to display the value generally takes 30-60 days, depending on how often our data partners synchronize with our databases and update their websites with the freshest values.

Once you submit the verified value, we will adjust the home’s AVM calculation accordingly and incorporate this percentage change into our complex AVM formulas.  When it’s time to deliver refreshed data to each of our data partners, we will provide them the latest AVM calculation based on the modified formula.

Q:  What does “Homeowner requests price analysis” mean?
A:  This notification means a homeowner completed the lead capture flow when they looked up their property on SmartHomePrice.com. The price analysis refers to their property’s automated CMA which is delivered automatically!

Once you receive this notification, you should make preparations to follow up with the homeowner.
Q:  Is the neighborhood data editable?
A:  No, the information is intended to be a simple bird’s eye view of your home’s surrounding zip code.  This information is a compilation of local data over a period of a year which includes past and current trends.
Q:  Where do the social media links on my Lead Capture Websites come from?
A:  As with other branding information, links to your social media pages are pulled from the Agent Profile. The social media handles you added during your initial account setup provide homeowners a direct link to your social media pages allowing them to best connect with you in real-time.


Name Your Selling Price Offer Site

Q:  What is the “Name Your Selling Price” Offer?
A:  The Name Your Selling Price offer is a hassle-free way for your targets to explicitly state at what price they would consider selling their home. This is a great call to action which will take all the guesswork out of determining the homeowner’s intentions. Since you will be able to drive targets to your unique NameYourSellingPrice.com URL, this is a great offer for your sphere of influence as well.

Once the homeowner visits your custom NameYourSellingPrice.com site, they will be prompted to:

  1. Input a home address and the selling price for their home:

2.  They will then be prompted to enter their name and email. (Phone numbers are optional):

3.  You will be notified via email to follow-up and establish contact with the homeowner.

Q:  How can I utilize Name Your Selling Price?
A:  As part of a traditional mail piece or leave behind for your Top Prospects:

Highlight and promote your custom NameYourSellingPrice.com URL in a leave-behind or letter. Since this offer only requires a home address, there is no need to incorporate key codes!

For Respondent follow-up:

Promote this offer in a follow-up letter to help gather more information from homeowners who already checked their online home valuation.

As a mailer to your Top Prospects:

You can select either of the two different NameYourSellingPrice.com mailers as one of your purchased mailers.  You can use either card at any point in your mailer schedule as a way to refresh your call-to-action for your marketing.

Reaching out to past clients/sphere of influence:

With your branded URL, you can reach out to those property owners that are outside of your territory and drive them to your fully-branded NYSP site.

Q:  Who can name their selling price and what’s the benefit of it?
A:  Any homeowner can name their selling price.  There is no key-code necessary, just a property address!

The benefit of the NameYourSellingPrice.com offer page is since the homeowner can name their selling price, it takes all the guesswork out of the equation for you (the agent)!  You will be able to get valuable insight into who is more serious about selling, and what would tip the scales in your favor.  While ultimately the homeowner can opt out of selling, you will at least have a fantastic starting point to help tailor interaction with the homeowner.  In addition, this can be a great benefit if you already have a buyer looking around a specific price point.

Q:  What is the Home Trends Report Offer Site?

The Home Trends Report Offer is a monthly snapshot of the real estate market in a particular zip code.  They serve as both an offer giving the homeowner an immediate item of value and a respondent email drip campaign that sends the homeowner monthly updates.


  • A branded landing page with a personal URL

  • Monthly auto-generated reports emailed directly to your respondents

  • Offer postcards available

  • Home Trends Report Widget

  • A homeowner may receive a Home Trends Report Postcard in the mail or it can be promoted in your own marketing material or website

A Deep Dive video tutorial can be found here!
Q:  Are the reports editable?
A:  Any modifications made to the property details will reflect in the report.  This includes valuation adjustments, bed/bath count, and square footage.  However, the rest of the content of the report is not editable at this time, including which graphs are displayed and the zipcodes displayed at the bottom of the report.

Q:  How can I use the Home Trend Reports?
A:  The Home Trends Report can be used as both an offer (similar to our other offers) and a monthly drip email.  The email drip portion applies to anyone who was a respondent at any point during your campaign regardless of the offer to which they responded–a monthly report will be emailed to all respondents who have supplied a valid email address, serving as a valuable upgrade of the previous version of the drip campaign.

The Home Trends Report Offer can be easily incorporated into your prospecting campaign by enticing homeowners with a great new call to action–simply add your branded URL to any marketing material you wish. In addition, you have the ability to create a custom widget to add to either a blog or website!

7 Seller Tips Offer Site

Q:  What is the overall offer flow for 7SellerTips.com?
A:  1.  Market to homeowners with postcard designs specific to this offer (or promote in your own marketing).

2.  Respondents visit your branded URL (e.g. ABCRealty.7SellerTips.com) & enter a keycode or home address.  If you chose dual agent branding, the branding area will alternate between both partners.

3.  After clicking Submit, they see a branded Thank You page.

4.  The respondent will immediately receive an email from 7SellerTips.com (courtesy of you featuring your brand profile), which includes a branded PDF of the guide.  Note: If they reply to this email, it will be sent to the email address located in your brand profile.

5. You will automatically receive an email notification about the respondent.

Q:  What are ways that I can utilize 7 Seller Tips?
A:  As part of a Traditional Mail piece or Leave Behind to your Top Prospects

  • Highlight and promote your branded 7 Seller Tips URL in a leave behind

  • You can provide the Top Prospects with their personal key codes to drive them to come in as a respondent and be recorded on your SmartTargeting dashboard

  • Your Account Management Team can do a mail merge with the key codes, homeowner names, etc. for your letter (or any letter in a Word document that you are sending out to your exclusive territory)

For Respondent follow up

  • In your respondent email: When you go to your branded 7 Seller Tips URL, you can receive your own 7 Seller Tips guide.  Save the file to your desktop and include it as an attachment to your respondent follow up email

  • As a leave behind: You can print out the 7 Seller Tips guide and use it as a leave behind for those properties that have responded to your mailers.  This should not be a 1st leave behind/contact but used a few months down the line when the property is most likely closer to selling

As a Mailer to your Top Prospects

  • You can choose 7 Seller Tips as one of your purchased mailers.  Most clients like to use this as a mailer towards the latter half of their mailer schedule as a way to change up the call to action

Reaching out to Past Clients/Sphere of Influence

  • With your branded 7 Seller Tips URL you can reach out to those property owners that are not in your exclusive territory and drive them to the site with your branding on it

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