Lead Funnel + Follow Up FAQ

Q:  Where can I find all my leads?
A:  You will have quick access to the most recent leads within your account on the Dashboards screen.

To view all leads that have interacted with your marketing campaigns, navigate to the Lead Funnel.

This section allows you to monitor your leads at a glance, view your total leads to date, as well as any new or hot leads.  Each pivotal lead status category is broken out for your convenience: New, Hot, Follow Up, and Other.

Q:  What is the lead funnel and how can I use it?
A:  The Lead Funnel provides visibility into the homeowners and contacts who have responded to your marketing.  Leads are marked as New, Hot, and/or Follow up.  You may also be able to see which marketing campaign or lead capture site the lead visited when responding to your marketing.

a. New leads: contact that has accessed a landing page within the last 14 days
b. Hot leads: contact that has requested a consultation or to speak with you directly
c. Follow Up leads or Nurture leads: contacts who need consistent follow-up, as they will likely list in the next 6 – 12 months
d. Removed leads: contacts you do not wish to market to (suppressed)
e. Other (i.e. past listings, currently listed with another agent, etc.)

Not only will the Lead Funnel display all leads within or outside of your territory, but it will show you when you last checked in with them, and if there is an open action item waiting to be completed in your Action Board. To learn more about the action board, click here.

Q:  What Should I Do When I Get A Lead?
A:  To help aide you in reaching out to your top 20% and following up with your respondents we have provided a comprehensive best practice timeline to be successful in following up with respondents.  Other materials such as templates, coaching, and strategies can be found under the SmartZip University section.

Within 24 Hours

If you have an email address:

  • Send an email to the address provided.  Be sure to place SmartHomePrice somewhere in the subject line so the homeowner knows where you obtained the information. You can also provide a short (less than 1 minute) video thanking them for coming onto the site and a brief introduction about yourself

  • Put the contact information into your email contacts

  • Make sure that you include all of your new email addresses into any email drip campaigns that you send out

If you have a phone number:

   Call the number provided.

  • Thank them for coming onto SmartHomePrice.  Ask them about their overall experience

  • Do not be discouraged if a homeowner says they were just looking.  Our predictive analytics model is designed to target homeowners 6-12 months before they sell.  We hear from clients all the time about property owners that said that for 7 months, then month 8 rolls around and the property owner became a listing

Within 2-3 days

Follow up with traditional mail

  • You should provide traditional mail to all respondents that have come into the site even if you have already emailed/called them

  • Handwritten thank you notes/cards are well received by homeowners

  • Handwritten envelopes tend to see the best responses

  • Do not give away too much too soon.  Sending a 3 page home report or your gorgeous 15 page portfolio should only be provided once you have made face-to-face contact with the property owner and they have expressed interest in you

If you practice traditional door knocking:

  • Utilize the CheckIn app to see which contacts have responded. Make a special note to thank them in person when you are out door knocking to your top 20%

  • Your thank you letter can be used as a leave behind if the property owner is not at home

  • Be sure to CheckIn your activities to aid you during your next follow up!

Within 1½ – 2 weeks

Provide a proactive reach out letter

  • This is a letter that can be sent out via traditional mail or as a leave behind to those members of the top 20% that have not responded to a mailer. Please customize this letter to better suit your branding

  • Your client account manager can perform a mail merge for you to insert the variable fields of your customized proactive letter. To utilize this feature contact your client account manager. There is no extra cost for this feature

  • For an example of the letter click here!

Remember:  For all templates and any letter that you send out, you should be sure to complete your mail merge to fill in variable fields, such as: homeowner name, property address, etc.  You can always create mailing labels if your follow up list is too long to hand-write.
Q:  How can I delete a lead?
A:  1.  In order to see your leads, first select Lead Funnel on your dashboard.

2.  Once under your Lead Funnel, select the lead you would like to remove by clicking the checkbox to the left of the contact’s name.

The option to delete the lead will be at the top of your list (center of the page).

**Please note that by deleting a lead they will be removed from all marketing activities.**

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