When first logging into your SmartTargeting account, you will use our Launchpad feature to set up your Brand Profile, launch your Lead Capture Websites, upload your Sphere of Influence, and launch your first Campaigns!  This step-by-step guide will walk you through the critical set-up items within your account, which are needed to be successful with SmartTargeting!  The welcome screen can be seen below:

Step 1:  Set up your Brand Profile

The branding you set up in this section will appear cohesively across your entire account and will be used on all your marketing!

To get started, click “Edit” under “Set up your profile” section

Step 1.1:  Your Profile

Required Fields in this section:

  • Full Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Your Photo

Uploading your Agent Photo

  • Branding photos should be either a JPG or PNG.  File size should be at least 54 kb

**Don’t panic if you have a partner or are on a team- you can upload those branding profiles later!**

The “Next” button will become available after all required fields are completed.  

  • Click “Next” to save and continue

Step 1.2:  Your Business

Uploading your Business Logo

  • Business Logos should be either a JPG or PNG.  File size should be at least 54 kb

  • Business Logos cannot be cropped to a square.  They must be a rectangular shape to fit the required dimensions

More information on image dimension requirements can be found here!

Required Fields in this section:

  • Business Name

  • Phone

  • Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • License (if in CA or NJ)

  • Business Logo

The “Next” button will become available after all required fields are completed.

  • Click “Next” to save and continue

Step 1.3:  About You

Here, you can add your social media handles and your biography- these features will appear on your SmartHomePrice Lead Capture Website!
*All fields in this section are optional*

  • Click “Next” to save and continue

Step 1.4:  Your Partner and Team Profiles

Here you will have the option to create additional Branding Profiles for your partner and/or team.  You can skip this step and update this information later using the “Profile Settings” section of the account.

*Please Note:  This section, called “Profile Settings”, can be found in the future by using the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account.*

Step 2:  Launch your Lead Capture Websites

Once you have completed your agent branding profile, you will have access to this section.  Launching your lead capture website is required before running any mailer and online ad campaigns.
There are four landing site pages that are included in your SmartTargeting account.  This section will help you create your unique subdomain!

Getting Started

  • Click “Promote” under “Launch lead capture sites” section

  • A Splash page will appear with additional information

  • Click “Launch Your Sites” to continue

Step 2.1:  Confirm your Branding

  • If multiple branding profiles were set up in the previous section, here you will choose which branding profile you would like displayed on your Lead Capture Websites

  • Click “Get Started” under the profile you choose

  • Here, a page titled “Confirm Branding” will appear.  There is no action needed on this page unless you want to change what shows on the Lead Capture Websites

  • Click “Next” to save and continue

Step 2.2:  Create your Unique Subdomain

In this section, you will choose your unique custom subdomain for your branded sites

  • Click “Next” to save and continue

Step 2.3:  Go Live!

In this section, you have the option to publish your lead capture pages to your Facebook page.

  • Clicking “Publish” will allow you to post the selected agent site to your Facebook page

  • A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to share on your Facebook page

  • Click “Next” to continue, whether or not you posted to Facebook

Step 2.4:  Publish your Site

During this step, you have the option to configure your Lead Capture fields, add your new Lead Capture URL to your email signature, and create a widget for an already-existing personal website.
Configure your Lead Capture Fields

  • Click Get Started

  • The Lead Capture settings you create here will populate to all your personalized lead capture pages

  • Use the check boxes to selected or deselect the fields you would like to display or make mandatory on your lead capture pages:

  • Tip:  More “required fields” typically translate to less leads that follow through with the entire lead capture flow.  Not to worry- respondents who visit your page and abandon will still come into your lead funnel but will be missing some of that “required” information.

  • Click Done to save your changes and return to the previous landing page

Add your Lead Capture URL to your Email Signature

  • Click Get Started

  • Choose which offer site you would like to add to your signature by selecting the “Show More” button in the middle of the page:

  • Once you have your lead capture site selected, you can choose to customize your message that appears in the “Call to Action” or leave it as a defaulted message.  Simply hover over the text to the left of the COPY button

  • You can preview each landing page on the right hand side by clicking the hyperlinks:

  • To add to your email signature, click the COPY button next to your desired offer page “Call to Action”.  The hyperlink is now copied to your computer’s clipboard

  • Go to your email provider and paste this within the signature in the “Settings” option and be sure to click “Save”

  • Now, when you compose a new email, you will see this addition to your email signature and can even click the hyperlink to navigate to your Lead Capture Website

Create a Widget for your Personal Website

  • Click Get Started

  • Choose which offer site you would like to add to your custom site by selecting the “Show More” button in the middle of the page:

  • To add the widget, click the COPY button next to your desired offer page.  The code is now copied to your computer’s clipboard in basic HTML

  • Simply “paste” to embed the widget on your website

  • Tip:  If you would like to further customize and preview your widget, click the Advanced Settings hyperlink on the right hand side:

If you would rather work on any or all of the above lead generation activities later, you can revisit these settings within your “Account Settings”.  

  • To navigate here, use the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account and click “Account Settings”, then “Lead Capture Websites”

Step 3:  Import your Sphere Contacts

With your SmartTargeting account, you have the ability to upload your own contacts and unlock pre-move indicators for your sphere!  To get started:  

  • Click “Import Now” under “Find potential sellers” section

  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen.  You will see a section titled “Have More Contacts?  Import Now”.  From there, you can choose the CSV or Excel file to be uploaded by clicking into the box, or by simply dragging and dropping:

  • Confirm the accuracy of the field matches by reviewing and modifying the content in each field and ensuring each is labeled correctly.  In addition, you can determine how much content you wish to import by simply selecting Do Not Import.  Once finished, click Import to continue with the upload

  • Upon upload, the system will match as many properties as possible.  You will be able to view an import summary detailing the number of matched contacts, how many matches also have rich insights, how many emails and phone numbers were included in the import, and if any of your uploaded contacts also reside in your SmartTargeting farm.  From here, you can either View Contacts, launch a custom Online Ad campaign, or launch your own Custom Direct Mail campaign

  • All imported contacts will be accessible under the Sphere label with the Contacts page.  If you need to upload more contacts in the future, you can access the import page in two ways:  By clicking Add-Ons within the navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen and selecting Predictive Insights, or by clicking the blue Import Contacts button on the top right-hand corner of the Contacts page

Step 4:  Approve and Launch your Marketing Campaigns

  • To learn more about launching your first campaigns, click here!


The Launchpad feature is important as it will help ensure you are able to set up your account completely and accurately.  You can always re-access this feature by selecting the Launchpad icon in the top right of your Dashboards screen.  Still have questions?  Feel free to contact your dedicated Account Management Team via live chat, phone, or email!

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