Lead Capture Websites Setup

This article includes:

  1. How to configure your Lead Capture Fields

  2. How to customize your display preferences for SmartHomePrice.com

  3. How to create a widget for an already-existing personal website


Section 1:  Configuring your Lead Capture Fields

New Clients:  When you first begin set-up on your account, you will be able to access Lead Capture Website configuration from within the Launch Pad. You will have access to this feature once your agent profile and branding is uploaded. This feature is an effortless step-by-step guide that will walk you through the confirmation of your branding, customization of your branded URL, as well as the optimization of contact information that is required from your visitors.

To Begin:

-Click “Promote” under “Launch lead capture sites” section
-A Splash page will appear with additional information
-Click “Launch Your Sites” to continue

Step 1:  Confirm your Branding
-If multiple branding profiles were set up in the previous section, here you will choose which branding profile you would like displayed on your Lead Capture Websites.
-Click “Get Started” under the profile you choose
-Here, a page titled “Confirm Branding” will appear.  There is no action needed on this page unless you want to change what shows on the Lead Capture Websites

-Click “Next” to save and continue.

Step 2:  Create your Branded URL

The Branded URL is the customized subdomain for your unique landing pages.  This allows you to capture all leads regardless of location!  By marketing your own unique subdomain, you can ensure that all inquiries made while on your unique site are routed directly to your Lead Funnel.  You can seamlessly blend your geo-farming and sphere of influence prospecting efforts regardless if they are in territory or not. It also increases the value of the page to show up higher on search engines, like Google.

There is a Lead Capture URL for each lead capture site:

  1. <YourBrandedURL>.SmartHomePrice.com

  2. <YourBrandedURL>.7SellerTips.com

  3. <YourBrandedURL>.HomeTrendsReport.com

  4. <YourBrandedURL>.NameYourSellingPrice.com

Feel free to customize this to reference your name, your business, or the area you are farming to help homeowners know where they are visiting.  

Switch up the call to action however you like–match the URL to your current marketing campaign by putting a Lead Capture Site on all your marketing material: mailers, letters, flyers, even your email signature!  Then, feel free to use a different URL the with the next campaign–it’s up to you!  Do keep in mind that once changed, any marketing that has sent out with the old domain will no longer direct people to your website.

-Choose your unique custom subdomain for your branded sites

-Click “Next” to save and continue.

You can make changes to your branded URL at any time, by accessing Account Settings > Lead Capture Websites

Step 3:  Go Live!

In this section, you have the option to publish your lead capture pages to your Facebook page.
-Clicking “Publish” will allow you to post the selected agent site to your Facebook page.
-A pop-up box will appear, allowing you to share on your Facebook page.
-Click “Next” to continue, whether or not you posted to Facebook.

Step 4:  Publish Your Site

During this step, you have the option to configure your Lead Capture fields, add your new Lead Capture URL to your email signature, and create a widget for an already-existing personal website.


Existing Clients:  You can locate these settings within your “Account Settings” page.  To navigate here, use the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account and click “Account Settings”, then “Lead Capture Websites”.

Under the URL setup page, you can determine what information you would like homeowners to provide prior to accessing their home value. Simply select or de-select the information fields you would like to display and/or require. Once finished, click Save.

Other edits may include changing your unique subdomain, updating Offer Page photos, or customizing a widget to embed in your website.


Custom Information:

This section will allow you to gather additional information to help you understand your leads better. All you need to do is give the custom field a name of your choice and decide if this field is optional or required by toggling the “Required” button. You can add up to 3 unique fields of your choice. 

Once you save a new field, it will reflect as “required” or “optional” fields on each lead capture website: Smarthomeprice, 7sellertips, Nameyoursellingprice and Hometrendsreport

Once a custom field is created it, will reflect on all the Lead Capture Websites. Currently, there is no option yet to set a custom field for one particular website.

Note: Please note that you will not be able to use Special Characters in these fields. 

When the homeowner provides the required information by visiting your Lead Capture Website, you will be able to see the information they left in the Activity Timeline of their contact page; simply click on the lead in the lead funnel to view their contact profile. You will also see this information in the new ‘Custom Information’ box towards the bottom of the Contact details page. These are the only two places where you will find the information provided by the homeowner in the custom fields.

A Deep Dive video tutorial on your Lead Capture Websites can be found here!

Section 2:  Customizing your Display Preferences shown on SmartHomePrice.com

Under the Lead Capture Websites section, you have the ability to customize your unique SmartHomePrice.com landing page. Updating your preferences will give you greater control over the content homeowners can see, including:

  • Aesthetics: Blurring the background image

  • Data displayed: Showing comparables or home facts

To customize your landing page:

Go to Account Settings > Lead Capture Websites > Offer Pages:

From there, you can customize your landing page by selecting or de-selecting any of the various options, uploading local images of your farm, and changing how your information is displayed.  We recommend uploading images that depict your area and local lifestyle.

Once finished, click Save. All of these features can be modified or changed at any time. To reset your SmartHomePrice.com settings back to the default, click Reset.

Section 3:  Creating a widget for your personal website

The widget is a feature that gives you the ability to drive more traffic to your four lead capture sites from your personal webpage.  Driving homeowners to the lead capture sites will increase the number of homeowners who visit your lead captures sites with the goal of capturing their contact information.  Homeowners simply need to do an address search and they can receive the requested information.  The address search will be tracked on your SmartZip account. The widget can be customized to your liking.

To get started creating a widget, go to your “Account Settings” page

  • To navigate here, use the dropdown next to your photo icon in the top right-hand corner of your account and click “Account Settings”, then “Lead Capture Websites”

  • Click “Widget” tab

  • Scroll down, choose which offer site you would like to add to your custom site under the “Change Words” section:

  • Once you have customized your widget and the preview is to your liking, click the “COPY” button in the “Code” section

  • The code is now copied to your computer’s clipboard in basic HTML

  • Simpy “paste” to embed the widget on your website

In the utilization of the widget, you may encounter some CSS styling/Inlines compatibility errors or limitations.  If the widget looks distorted in any way, you should contact your webmaster to inquire about what changes to the CSS styling or Inlines could be done to fit the compatibility parameters of the widget.

**Please Note:  Widgets currently require Javascript to run at this time**

For a deep dive video tutorial, click here!

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