Billing System Overview

SmartZip Billing System

SmartZip is constantly investing efforts to improve our platform and the customer experience.  With that said, we are proud to introduce a brand new billing system that will not only increase the productivity of your SmartTargeting account but will also include new features that make handling all your billing queries simple and effortless!  Here is what you can expect:

  • Manage/Update Payment Methods from your Account Settings

  • View, Monitor, & Download Invoices throughout your campaign

  • Segmented Line Items on Invoices:  View Platform Subscription, Product Sales, etc. 

  • You will receive Email Notifications when:

  1. Successful Payments

  2. Declined Payments

  3. An account is on hold 

  4. An account is activated after the hold period 

  5. An account is suspended due to non-payment

  6. An account is activated post-payment made

  • In-Account Overdue Invoice Notices

If for any reason you missed a payment or if your account is suspended, update your billing information directly through your SmartTargeting account to get your account back in good standing. Once you make the necessary updates, click on Authorize Payment; our system will attempt to charge your updated payment method. Once the payment has been processed, you should now be able to access all features in your account again. 

If you are having any difficulties updating your payment method through your account, please reach out to your Support Team for further assistance!  Their contact info can be found within your account here:


Contact our Billing Department

For all questions regarding billing updates, contact our Billing Department using the billing hotline below or drop us an email at [email protected].

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