Lead Nurture: 8×8 & Monthly HTR

Our lead nurture campaigns are an automatic email drip campaign that get sent out whenever any respondents visit one of your 4 landing sites and leave an email address (they need to leave a valid email address in order for the campaign to begin. 

We have 2 automatic email drip campaigns: the first one is an 8×8 weekly campaign, meaning they will receive one email each week, for eight weeks. The second campaign is a monthly Home Trends Report that gets sent out once a month. 

To view these campaigns, Click on Campaigns on your navigation bar to the left of your screen.

Click on the green Lead Nurture box.

You will be able to view each email that is sent out, as well as keep track of who these emails have been delivered to, who has opened them, and who has clicked on them. You can even control whether or not to turn these drip campaigns ‘On’ or ‘Off.’ Remember, these are automatic campaigns sent on your behalf, there is no extra work on your end besides to promote your 4 landing sites! 

If you’d like to use the 8×8 campaigns and set up your own drip campaign or even print them out and bring them with you door-knocking, you can utilize the blue Download button in the top right-hand corner.

For more information on our Lead Nurture campaigns, check out our FAQs here!

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