Top Producer® 8i CRM: Step 1 of 4 – Agent Information

On the first step of the Setup Wizard, Agent Information, enter as much information about yourself and your company as you can. This information can automatically appear in the marketing material you send out.

  1. Agent Information: In the Agent Information area, fill out your contact information.

    Agent Information

    Keep in mind the following considerations:

    • To select Designations, click the drop-down to open the list of available designations and select the checkboxes for all that apply. To add designations to the list, click the Modify link and then the Add link.
    • The email address you supply will be used as the “From” value for all the email you send from within Top Producer CRM, as well as the address to which Top Producer CRM sends all email appointment reminders. An email address is required before you can proceed to the next step of the wizard.
    • You can add additional contact numbers by clicking the Add Another Contact Number action link.

    Note: The Agent name is embedded into Top Producer CRM and cannot be edited.

  2. Photos: Once you have defined your agent information, add a picture and a logo to complete your identity.


  3. When finished entering your information and selecting your options, click Next.

    Click Next

Top Producer MobileIn order to use Top Producer Mobile, the Agent Information section is the only setup step required to be completed. After completing this step, you may log into from your touchscreen Smartphone device. However, it is highly recommended that you complete the rest of the setup steps to take advantage of all features available in Top Producer CRM.

Tip: If you would like to update your account information after completing the Setup Wizard, it can be accessed within the My Account area.

Log in to Top Producer CRM.

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