Exporting Contacts from another CRM to Import as Sphere Contacts

Each CRM has its own step-by-step process on how to successfully download the contacts saved in your database.  The links below will help guide you through your particular CRM’s necessary steps to get your contacts ready to upload into your SmartZip account!

These links can also be found on the Predictive Insights page, using the Add-Ons tab on the left-hand side within your account.  

Once you have your contacts compiled, you can proceed to import them in this section.  There is also a video tutorial on this screen which details the import process.

For more information on importing your contacts, please click here.


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Yahoo mail




Contacts can be uploaded from virtually any CRM system.  Simply download your database from your CRM in CSV/Excel format, save to your computer, and import as usual.  There is no API integration available for contact uploads at this time.  We plan to add this option in the future, however, it is not currently available with the present version of our platform. 

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