Top Producer® X CRM: Adding an Email Task

Email tasks allow you to schedule templated emails to be automatically sent to your contacts.

Every morning at 2 a.m. (PST), our system will find any unsent email tasks scheduled for that day, or up to a week prior, and schedule them to send at 8 a.m. (your local time). At that time the email will be automatically sent and the task marked done.

If you create an email task scheduled for today’s date, it will automatically send after approximately 5 minutes.

When the email is sent, any merge codes in the template will be automatically populated with the appropriate information. For example, the contact.primaryPerson.firstName merge code will be replaced with the contact’s first name.

Visit the Emails tab of the contact record to see the sent email.

Important: To use this feature, first set up email integration. See Integrate Your Email Account for more information.

To add an email task, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Compose button then Add Task , or click the Add Task button in the Tasks tab of a contact/transaction, on the Tasks page, or in the Calendar day view.
  2. Set the task type to Email.

  3. Enter a title and select the date you would like the email to send.
  4. Select an email template. To preview the content of the templates, or create a new template, go to Marketing > Template Library.

  5. Under Contacts, select or verify the recipient contact. Please note that only one contact may be selected for an email task. If you have more than one contact selected, you will not be able to save the task.
  6. Click Preview Email if you would like to preview or customize the email.
  7. Once finished, click Save Task to save the email task.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully scheduled an email task.

If you wish to send the email immediately, you may do so by opening the task details and clicking Send now.


Log in to create an email task.

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