FiveStreet: Team Member User Guide

FiveStreet is an automatic lead response and routing system designed to help real estate team leaders and brokers keep track of all of their leads and route them to their team. The source of the leads that you will get through our service will vary by team, but typically include Zillow, Trulia,®, your team’s website, or even inbound phone calls. Regardless, none of these leads are produced by FiveStreet, we simply route leads that your team leader or broker is already generating.

How does it work?

Your team leader has a multitude of ways to setup their teams so double check with them on how they have configured their account. In most cases, once you have been added to a team you will receive text messages and/or emails letting you know when a new lead is available for you to claim. Everyone on the team will receive a notification at the same time. The first person to claim the lead will be sent a followup notification with the leads contact information.

How do I claim a lead?

When a new lead comes in you will be alerted via text message and/or email that a new lead is available for you to claim. To claim via email simply click the Claim This Lead button in the email. To claim via text message, click the shortened hyperlink in the text message on your smartphone. This will open a window on your phone’s web browser. Once that webpage has loaded click the Claim This Lead button on the webpage. You will then receive a notification with the lead’s contact information.

What do I do with the lead?

This may sound like a silly topic but it does require some explaining. In most cases the lead that you claim will have already received an automatic text message and/or email from your team leader letting them know that you will get in touch shortly. So, after you receive their contact info, give the lead a call as soon as you have a moment so that you can answer their questions.

Do I need to download an app?

Nope. FiveStreet operates by sending you emails and/or text messages. You’ll find that you rarely need to login to your FivesStreet account. All you need to use FiveStreet is an email account. If you want to use FiveStreet on-the-go, then all you need is an internet-enabled smartphone. As long as you can receive text messages and/or emails and access the internet on your mobile phone than you’re good to go.

Okay.. So what do I need to do to get setup?

Not too much actually. If you were just added to a team for the first time, you should log in to your account via the link was provided in your welcome email. Visit the Account tab on the right side of the page to make sure we have the correct name, email address and mobile phone number for you. Then just get ready to claim a lead.


I don’t want to receive so many text messages and/or emails!

No problem! We design our system to be overly communicative. By default, you will receive a text and email when a new lead is available and when the lead is claimed by someone on the team. If you would like to shut off text message or email notifications for new leads or claimed leads you can do so on the “Notifications” page of the “Account” tab of your FiveStreet account. You can also set “Office Hours” so that you only receive notifications at certain times of the day. You may want to use this feature to turn off messages if you’re going to be out of the office for an extended period of time.


The lead's contact information was incorrect

Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. We pass along the exact information that the lead enters when they inquire about a property. Sometimes they type their information incorrectly or someone submits a “fake lead” which leads to you receiving incorrect contact info.


I claimed a lead and I don’t want it anymore, what should I do?

Click the Unclaim Lead button on the lead details page to unclaim the lead. When you unclaim a lead it will be assigned back to your team leader and an email will be sent to let them know.


How do I change my contact info?

You can edit your name, phone number and email address by visiting the “Account” tab of your FiveStreet account.


The same person keeps claiming all the new leads

We affectionately call these people “Lead Hogs” and yes, this sometimes happens. If this is happening frequently, perhaps ask your team leader speak with the Lead Hog about giving everyone an opportunity at the leads. Your team could also get together and establish a rule along the lines of “If you claimed the last lead you can’t claim the next lead”. We wish our technology could solve all of these problems as well, but what’s fair varies greatly from team to team so we suggest that the people problems still get handled by the people.


Why am I getting "claimed" notifications about a particular lead before I get the "new lead available" notification?

This is a problem that sometimes pops up for a few reasons that all point back to one thing. Though we send all emails and text messages at the same time, differences in email services and cell phone providers mean that some agents receive messages before others. In most situations this doesn’t cause any disruption, but it can become a problem when the team size nears 10 or more agents.

If you are seeing this problem frequently, there are a few things you can do to fix it. Depending on your mobile phone provider, you may be able to perform what’s called a PRL update on your mobile phone to increase delivery speeds. Some companies, like AT&T automatically update your PRL for you. Verizon users can manually update their PRL by calling *228 from their mobile phone and selecting option 2.

Additionally, talk to your team leader about options for reducing the size of your team. Some team leaders have found success breaking larger teams down into two, or more, smaller teams and alternating days or weeks that each team receives leads.


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