Top Producer® X CRM: Creating a Task Plan

A task plan is a series of tasks that can be quickly and conveniently applied to a contact or transaction. Add email tasks to your task plans to automatically send templated emails to your contacts on the schedule you choose.

See Applying a Task Plan for more information on how to apply task plans.

To start creating a task plan, first go to Marketing > Task Plan Manager.

Creating a New Plan

  1. In the Task Plan Manager, click Add Plan.

  2. Choose the type of plan (contact/transaction), enter a name and description, and click Save Plan.

  3. Click Add Task to begin adding tasks to the plan.

  4. On the Add Task pop-up, set the task type, details, additional information, and choose the team member to which the task should be assigned. If creating an email task, be sure to select an email template to send.

    The Task due field indicates the date the task will be added, relative to the plan start date or previous task.

    Extra details for transaction plans

    If creating a task for a transaction plan, you will have additional date options to choose from.

    Once you’ve applied a transaction plan, if you change a date that a task depends on (i.e. inspection date) you will be given an option to adjust due dates for dependent tasks based on your changes.

    If you’re creating an email task for a transaction plan, you will have a Transaction Party Roles dropdown menu. Your selection here determines which transaction party or parties will receive the email (i.e. Primary seller, Primary buyer, All).

  5. Once you’ve finished setting up the task, click Save and Add Another Task to save the task and add another.

  6. Click Save Task when you’ve finished adding tasks to return to the task list.

Creating From a Template

  1. In the Task Plan Manager, click Browse Templates.

  2. Search for the desired template and click the name.

  3. Click Import Plan.

  4. Edit the name and description, then click Save Plan.

Alternate Method
  1. Click Add Plan on the Tasks Plans Manager.
  2. Click the Create from template? toggle.

  3. Search for the desired template and click the name.
  4. Click Save Plan.

Editing a Task Plan

Click on a plan in the Task Plans Manager to view the task list and make changes.

Click Edit Plan Details to change the plan name or description. Click Add Task or Add Day to add additional tasks to the plan. Edit a task by clicking the Edit task icon. Delete a task by clicking the Delete task icon. Click the Print icon to create a printable list of the tasks on a plan.

Duplicating a Task Plan

Save time when creating a new task plan by copying an existing plan. To do so, click on the plan to view plan details and click Duplicate Plan.

Edit the plan name/details and click Save Plan. You’ll see that all the tasks from the original plan have been copied over and can be edited as desired.

Log in to create task plans.

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