Top Producer® Websites: Mobile-responsive Templates

This article is for all of you who were with Top Producer Websites before 2016 and are still using our legacy templates. Our new mobile-friendly templates are now available and the best part is your new website is all set up and ready to go! (Don’t worry—your existing site remains untouched, so you get to choose which site is right for you.)

First things first—a few details about the new templates…

In today’s online world you’ve got but 50 milliseconds to make an impression, and your new stunning site will do just that:

Top Producer Website

And your new site will display beautifully on any device:

Many devices

Want to see your new site? Here’s how…

When you log in to Top Producer Websites, you’ll see the Websites portal (shown on the left). All you have to do is click the picture on the Setup Incomplete card to run through the wizard, confirm your info and then you’ll be able to publish and view your new site.

View website

How do I make changes & see all of the available designs?

There are 19 gorgeous mobile-friendly designs to choose from. You can view and make changes from the wizard. Or, if you’ve run through the wizard already, click Edit My Site from the main page in Top Producer Websites. From here you can make any changes you want.

To see the available designs, click Change Theme , then use the arrows in the top carousel to cycle through the designs (shown below).

View designs

(If none of the images speak to you or your brand—don’t fret—you can upload any background image you want.)

What else has changed?

In order to support the new mobile-friendly designs and continue to evolve the product, we sunset a few features. While the following legacy features are no longer supported, we’ll be adding more modern and up-to-date features to replace them:

  • Top Producer Blogs/Featured Blogs & the Open House Calendar (you can just add a web box).
  • Relocation Services, Articles & Lead Generation.
  • What’s My Home Worth (use Market Snapshot instead!) & Customer Login (VIP pages).

How do I make the switch?

It’s already done! We’ve flipped the switch on for your sleek new website!

Log in to set up your responsive website.

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