Top Producer® Websites: Customizing a Website ThemeCustomizing a Website Theme

Our mobile-friendly templates offer 12 stunning designs for you to choose from. During the setup process, you selected the theme you want for your site. You can customize it further by choosing your own background image if you want.

Note: If you’ve been using Top Producer Websites for a while and are using one of our older templates, check out this article for details on how you can make the switch to a new mobile-friendly website.

To Customize Your Website Theme

  1. From the main menu, click Edit Site, then Change Theme.
  2. Select the theme in the top carousel that displays the color you want (for example, Capecod displays a red banner, while Capital displays blue).
  3. Click Change Image to upload your own image. For best results, images should be at least 1600px (w) x 1200px (h). If you upload multiple images they will display on your home page as an auto-scrolling carousel.

    Change theme

  4. Click Preview to view the changes, then click Apply Theme Changes to save them.

Steps to customize a legacy template:
  1. From the main menu, click Edit Site, then Change Theme.
  2. Make sure the design you want to customize is selected,then click Change Theme Category.
  3. Click Customize Your Own Theme. There are four components of a theme you can customize:
    • Choose a Design: Allows you to choose from one of three designs.
    • Add a Banner: Each design has a different banner dimension. Click Add > Browse > upload your image > then click OK.
    • Colors
    • Font Settings: Allows you to change the font style and size for different headers, web boxes titles and menus on your website.


  4. Click the Preview link to view the changes, then click OK to save them.


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