Top Producer® Websites 101: Working with Websites Week 6 – Evaluate Your Content

Welcome to Week Six of the Website 101: Working with Websites Self Learning Tutorial.

Join us this week as we evaluate your content. What is good content? Need tips for writing?

Tips On Writing Content

Once people find your website you need to give them a reason to stay. Your website comes with a variety of premade articles to help you get started. However, the key to keeping customers on your website once they arrive is by providing valuable information about your local area and your real estate expertise – which will not come through in the premade articles. Google, Bing and other search engines are also smart enough to know that the articles on your pages are duplicate content from other pages/websites and this will affect your search engine ranking in a negative way. Keep your content original and informative.

Some things to keep in mind when writing content for your website are:

  • Keep it simple – Speak to your audience in simple, everyday language. Avoid using industry buzzwords.
  • Make it intriguing – Make your headlines intriguing enough to capture your visitor’s attention and make them want to read more. Every page on your site should have headline and every headline should be relevant to the page.
  • What can you do for them – Emphasize the benefits of what you have to offer. The purpose of your website is to raise the value of what you have to offer in the mind of your potential customer.

In addition to providing relevant and informative information for visitors to your website another key item when writing articles is how they will affect your search engine ranking. When someone types a term into a search engine this is called a ‘keyword’. By incorporating keywords throughout your articles on your website you will increase your search engine ranking. It is important to keep the articles relevant to potential customers visiting your website so don’t ‘stuff’ your page full of keywords. Make sure the page provides relevant content and uses keywords at the same time. To Learn More About Keywords Click Here

How to Edit Content

Use the below links to help you learn how to edit the content on your pages:

Writer’s Block

Writing content for your website can seem like a huge task at first. We’ve provided some ideas that you can use on your website, but keep in mind the importance of researching the most effective key words for your website. The determination of effective key words is based on what words web-searchers are using to find YOUR website and ultimately generate potential leads.

Writing about local events is a great way to bring traffic to your web site but will it bring the kind of traffic you need to build your business? Keep this in mind when choosing which topics you are going to invest your energy in writing about.

  • Communities and Neighborhoods: What are the hottest areas in your real estate market? Create a page or pages that paint a picture of these areas. Are there any landmarks? Interesting history? Outstanding recreation facilities?
  • Property Types: Are there types of properties that are unique to your area? Vacation homes or waterfront? Lofts? Specialty commercial property?
  • Buyer and Seller information: Who is your customer? Is relocation prevalent in your area? What is the demographics for your area and what kind of information are they looking for? Downsizing? Settling down?
  • Market Statistics: What are the recent market trends in your area?
  • Government Information
  • MLS and listing information: provide a guide to how to use the MLS, helpful maps and area information.
  • Real Estate Specific information: What do your prospective buyers and sellers need to know?

Remember you don’t need to write a book. Make your information captivating, short and sweet. Don’t forget to ask your visitor to contact you on every single page. Once you’ve written your content find out how to make this information even more attractive using Search Engine Optimization. Keep writing! Search engines love fresh content.

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