Top Producer® 8i CRM: Viewing Scheduled Action Plan Activities

Now that you’re using action plans to consistently keep in touch with your customer base, you’ll need to be able to quickly view the tasks so you can get them done.

Top Producer CRM gives you the flexibility of viewing action plan activities from a number of places.

The Activities Summary Page

  1. From the Calendar main menu icon, click Activities Summary.
  2. From the Activities Summary page, you can view a list of today’s activities, or you can list only one activity type by selecting one from the Type drop-down list.

    Activities Summary

  3. In addition to having the Add Activity, Mass Open Activities, Mass Open Contacts, Create Report, and Mass Delete links available from the Activities Summary page, there’ll be a number of other links you can use, depending on the type of activity you choose from the Show drop-down list:
    1. Email Activities: The Mass Send link sends all selected emails and automatically marks them as done. The Mass Mark Done link marks the selected emails as done without sending them.
    2. Letter, Label, Envelope, and Postcard Activities: The Mass Print link prints out the selected activities. Once you’ve completed any one of these activity types you must manually mark each one as done. Use the Mass Mark Done link to do this, or to set activities you no longer wish to print as done.
    3. Appointment, Call and To-do Activities: Once you’ve completed the activities, you can use the Mass Mark Done link to mark them as done. You can use the More Options link on the Activities Summary page to search for completed activities.

The Contact Details Form

Any time you’ve assigned an action plan to a contact, you can open the contact and go to the Activities tab to see what remaining activities need to be completed. Selecting “Complete” from the Show drop-down list displays only those activities that have been completed.

Log in to view scheduled action plan activities.

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