Top Producer® 8i CRM: Deleting Multiple Plan Activities

Deleting an activity from a plan will permanently remove the activity from the plan. However, if the plan has already been applied to a record, the applied activity will not be removed from the record when it is deleted from the plan. To delete an applied activity, open the record to which it is applied, view the activities, and delete the activity.

  1. From the Main Menu bar, go to the Calendar menu and select Plans Manager.


  2. Click the Personal tab, and then use the Show drop-down list to locate the desired plan.
  3. Click the plan name to view the activities within that plan.
  4. Select the check boxes beside the activities you want to delete.
  5. Then click the Mass Delete link.


  6. From the Delete dialog box, click Yes to confirm deletion.
  7. If you are working with an action plan, and the activity has a dependent activity (an activity that won’t occur until another activity has been completed) associated with it, select how you want to handle the dependent activity. Otherwise, skip this step:

    1. Select one of the following:

      • After the plan start date: Selecting this option will set the dependent activity to occur on the Plan start date (which was fixed when the Plan was initially applied).
      • After a different preceding activity occurs: Selecting this option will make the dependent activity occur after the activity you select from the Select preceding activity drop-down list has been completed.
    2. Click Next to specify how you want to handle the remaining activities, or Use Start Date for all Remaining to use the plan start date for all remaining activities.

Log in to delete plan activities.

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