FiveStreet Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?


Do you generate leads for me?

In short, no, we do not generate leads for you. We help you respond to, route to other agents, and ultimately close more of the leads you already purchase from major lead providers like Zillow, Trulia, and®.

But, while we’re on the topic, we sure do think that using a system like ours to make sure you get back to every new lead that comes in will make sure that your current lead generation activities are performing as best they can.


What do you do with my leads?

Every lead is precious. We recognize this and that’s why we’ve developed technology to help you follow up with every new lead you receive. Think of FiveStreet as a lead funnel for all of your online leads. Different lead sources flow into the funnel and we automatically text and email all of the new leads that you receive within 5 minutes. If you have a team, we help you route the leads out to your team of agents. When the leads get to the end of the funnel we can either plug them directly into your CRM or you can export a .csv (Microsoft Excel) file and upload those leads to your CRM or a service like MailChimp or OutboundEngine to help with ongoning cultivation.

That’s all we do with your leads. We don’t sell, loan, or rent any of our lists or any of your data or your leads for marketing or any other purpose.

**We’re actively integrating with different CRMs to allow data to flow seamlessly from FiveStreet into your CRM for ongoing followup. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in integrating FiveStreet with your CRM


Autoresponders are impersonal.. Why should I use one?

You’re right. By their very nature, canned responses are less personal than an individual, custom followup phone call when a new lead comes in. But, if used carefully, canned responses are an excellent backstop to make sure you and your busy agents follow up in a timely manner with every new lead. Nothing prevents you from giving the lead a call a few minutes to and hour after sending an autoresponder, in fact, we still recommend it.

But wait.. you said canned responses work “when used carefully”?

Yes, we recommend a very brief autoresponse of 1-3 sentences that is general enough to apply to all new leads, but ends with a question to make the email seem personal and elicit a response. For example: “Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to working with you. When’s a good time for me (or one of my colleagues) to give you a call to discuss further? Thanks, Bob Agent”

So instead of following up with most of your leads pretty quickly. Switch to following up with all of your leads rapidly and automatically. Then you or one of your agents can followup with a phone call at the earliest free moment.


Can I use FiveStreet for automated drip emails?

We focus on initial lead response and routing. Rather than compete with many of the other great, user-friendly ongoing followup systems that already exist we’ve decided for now not to offer ongoing email drips in our system. We handle initial email and text message response and routing. Then you can either plug them directly into your CRM or you can export your data as a .csv (Microsoft Excel) file and upload those leads to your CRM or a service like MailChimp to help with ongoning cultivation.

**We’re actively integrating with different CRMs to allow data to flow seamlessly from FiveStreet into your CRM for ongoing followup. Email [email protected] if you’re interested in integrating FiveStreet with your CRM


Which lead sources do you support?
  • 1ParkPlace
  • Agent Pronto
  • AgentAchieve
  • AgentJet
  • AgentLocator – Seller
  • – Buyer
  • – Seller
  • AllClients
  • AppFolio, Inc.
  • AppSurdity, Inc.
  • AppSurdity, Inc. – Seller
  • AWeber
  • Better Voicemail
  • – Seller
  • BombBomb
  • BoomTown
  • Buyer Acquire
  • CallRail
  • Century 21 Canada
  • CirclePix
  • ClickDesk
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Commissions Inc.
  • Commissions Inc. – Seller
  • Diverse Solutions
  • DotSignal
  • Facebook Leads Ad
  • First2Contact
  • FlipKey
  • Four Walls Digital
  • Gravity Forms
  • – Agent
  • HomeFinder
  • HomeLight
  • Homes Database
  • Homesnap
  • Hotline America
  • House Value Store
  • HouseHunt
  • HubSpot, Inc.
  • HUD Seeker
  • IDX Broker Platinum
  • iHomeFinder
  • Keller Williams
  • Kijiji
  • Leadpages
  • LeadRouter
  • ListGlobally
  • Listing Booster
  • ListingWare
  • Lone Wolf
  • LoopNet
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Metroland Media Group Ltd.
  • MLS Finder
  • MRIShomes
  • Naked Apartments
  • NetAspects
  • PadLister
  • Point2
  • Postlets
  • Postlets – Rental
  • ProLeads
  • PropertyMinder
  • PropertyPulse
  • PSL
  • PureAgent
  • ReadyChat – Rental
  • Real Estate Pipeline
  • RealEstatePal
  • RealGeeks
  • RealLiving
  • Realty Store
  • RealtyJuggler
  • RealtyNow
  • Redman Tech
  • Reliance Network
  • Renegade Agent Marketing
  • Rentbits
  • Royal LePage
  • RPS
  • ShowcaseIDX
  • SmarterAgent
  • Spatial Match
  • SpotOn Connect
  • StreetEasy
  • StreetText
  • SuccessWebsite
  • Superlative
  • TeamLeads
  • TeleTracker
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • TigerLead
  • Unbounce
  • Website
  • Yardi Systems, Inc.
  • Zillow
  • Zurple


How & when do you contact my leads?

Our system is configured to automatically contact your new leads with a text message and an email. You can go to the autopilot tab of our site to turn off or edit either of these autoresponders.

If your email autoresponder is enabled, we will email your new lead within five minutes at any time or day or night. We do this because most people are used to and comfortable receiving emails 24/7.

If your text message autoresponder is enabled, we will text message your new leads within 5 minutes between 8am and 8pm in your local time zone. We do this because we feel that most people aren’t comfortable receiving text messages in the middle of the night.

Also, we only respond to the same lead once in a 24 hour period. For example, if the same person requests information about three of your Zillow listings within a 24 hour period, they will only receive an autoreply to their first request. If they request information on Monday and again on Friday they will receive an autoresponder to both requests.


Do you provide "round robin" lead assignment?

We’re often asked if our system allows you to automatically assign new leads to one agent, then the next, down a list of agents on your team (often called “round robin”). Some team leaders feel like this is the fairest way to distribute leads because all of their agents then get a fair split of the inbound leads.

Here at FiveStreet, we take a slightly different approach. In the fast paced world of online homebuying, leads expect to be contacted very quickly. Therefore, we feel like what’s best for the leads is what’s best for your agents.

We believe in a form of lead distribution is what we’ve dubbed the broadcast model. When a new lead comes in, we let all of your agents know via text/email that there is a potential client available. The first agent to click a “claim” button gets the lead. This means that the agents that are available to follow up immediately claim the leads and the leads get the speediest service.

We’ve created flexibility in our system to create multiple teams of 1-100 agents to refer different leads to. You could setup teams of Buyer, Seller,and Rental agents.. or teams that specialize in particular neighborhoods.. or an A Team and B Team. You get the idea.


Is this private?

Yes. Your privacy is 100% guaranteed. This process is completely software-based; no actual person ever reads your email. Furthermore, your leads go to your account and your account only. You retain complete ownership of your leads, we do not share them with anybody. (We wouldn’t be in business for very long if we did!)


Does FiveStreet ever miss leads?

Yes, but rarely. Sometimes a lead vendor changes the format of a lead email enough that our automated system doesn’t recognize it. We have an advanced monitoring system in place that can proactively detect when this happens and raise the appropriate alarms, but sometimes we may overlook a lead or two. If you notice that we missed a lead, you can forward it to [email protected] which will allow us to correct the system going forward. Our most important priority is making sure that you can use FiveStreet with all of your leads.


What if leads aren't being routed correctly?

Don’t panic! Most lead routing issues are easily fixed with a few settings changes.

If you’re the account administrator, contact us and we’ll be pleased to check your settings. If you’re under a team, let your team leader or FiveStreet administrator know about the issue.


Log in to FiveStreet.

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