FiveStreet: How do I edit my text message and email autoresponders?

When you sign up for your FiveStreet account, we automatically set up a text message and email autoresponder for you to respond to new leads. The text message is populated with lead information to automatically send a personalized response whenever possible.

While these templates will work just fine without customization, we encourage you to change and edit these autoresponders to give them your own voice. You can edit or enable/disable each type of responder individually on the Response tab of your FiveStreet account.

Click Customize under Email Responder or Text Message Responder to edit the email or text.

Our suggestions:

  1. For your email use an appealing subject line that will encourage the prospect to open the email. Something like “Thanks for getting in touch”
  2. Keep your email short and avoid trying to be too specific. We recommend 1-3 sentences.
  3. End your text and email with a question that will help elicit a response from the lead. Try “When’s a good time for me to give you a call to chat more?”

Personalizing Text Messages

When customizing the text message, use the Insert First Name, Insert Lead Address, and Insert Lead Source buttons to place merge codes to be automatically populated with personalized information from the incoming lead.

The merge code {{NAME}} will be replaced by the lead’s first name, {{ADDRESS}} by the address of the property inquiry, and {{SOURCE}} with the lead source. An example of your text message with this data populated appears in the Preview Text Message field.

Note: If the text message exceeds 180 characters, a default text message will be sent instead. The default message will also send if the lead is missing required information (i.e. no name), or if the information exceeds 14 characters (name/source) or 30 characters (address).

After customizing your email or text message response, click Save to save and apply the changes.

Log in to edit autoresponders.

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