Top Producer® X CRM: Property Insights for Home Buyers

Approach each conversation with more insight and information than ever before by tracking your buyers’ interested properties under Property Insights in the contact record.

Note: Before using this feature, first connect Top Producer® X CRM to your MLS under Settings > MLS Credentials.

Click Add Insight to add a new property. In the search field, start typing in the desired address and click on the address when it appears in the search results. Click MLS ID to find properties by MLS ID instead of address.

Use the Interest field to track the buyer’s interest level. Click Save Property Insight to finish adding the property.

Click the Open icon to view the listing on®. Leads from® will have interested properties pre-populated based on their recent activity.

Adding Property Insights Notes

To add notes to a property click the Add notes icon , or click on the property and click the Add Note button.

In the Add Note pop-up, fill in the details and click Save Note. Your note will display under the property, on the Notes tab of the linked contact and on the Notes page.

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