Your Weekly Market Snapshot® Report

You’re sending Market Snapshots and Listing Alerts left and right. Your clients are wowed by your knowledge and expertise. It’s time you start seeing who is most interested though, don’t you think?

Every Monday, we’ll send you this report via email. You’ll see who is viewing the most snapshots and alerts and how many you’re sending each week.


Will I receive this report automatically, or do I have to enable it somewhere?

We’ll send you this report automatically, so you don’t have to do a thing.


How often will I receive this report?

We’ll send you the report once a week and it’ll include all activity for the past week (Monday – Sunday).


I didn't receive the report this week. Why is this?

We’ll only send the report if you’ve sent snapshots/alerts in the past week. If you don’t receive the report, consider signing a few more clients up to receive snapshots and alerts (see Sending a Market Snapshot® Report for details).


Which email address will you send the report to?

The report will be emailed to the address you entered under Settings > My Information.


Are the numbers just for the past week?

Yes. The Delivered box represent the number of snapshots and alerts you’ve sent in the past week (Monday – Sunday). The Opened box show the number of snapshots and alerts your clients have viewed in the past week.


How can I stop receiving this report?

The Unsubscribe link in the footer will get you where you need to unsubscribe.


If I unsubscribe but later want to receive the report, can I do this?

You bet! In Top Producer® X CRM go to Setting > Market Snapshot Settings and you’ll be able to enable it again.



Log in to manage your summary report settings.

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