Top Producer® Websites: Using Keywords in your Page Titles

The page title is contained within the HTML <title> tag and is almost always used as the clickable headline for listings on search engine result pages.

The Title Tag displays at the top of the browser window and also appears as the linked text when someone views their search results. The title tag is used by Yahoo, Google and Bing for SEO.

Since the title tag is used by all of the major search engines it is important to title your pages with keywords that will help drive traffic to that page.

For example, naming a page Contact Us is not going to drive any new traffic to your site. However, something along the lines of Contact Us for Expert Real Estate Advice in Vancouver will show up on more search engine pages and is more descriptive. It actually means something to someone when they see it in the search engine results as opposed to ‘contact us’ or ‘about us’ which won’t give any idea to the user on a search results page what that page does.

To learn how to change a page title click here.

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