Top Producer® Websites: How Do I Configure My Domain?

To configure your domain to point to your website, first follow the steps below to set up your domain within the Top Producer® Websites control panel. After doing that, additional configuration steps will be required with your domain registrar.

Tutorials for several of the more popular registrars are included at the bottom of this page. For other registrars, please visit their support website for more information.

Updating the DNS

In order for your domain to point to your website you must configure the A(host) records of your DNS (domain name server).

  1. First, make a note of the following A(host) record information:
    Host = @
    Type = A
    Value =
    Host = www
    Type = CNAME
    Value =

  2. Log in to the administration control panel of your domain registrar. Locate and open the area of the control panel that manages the A(host) records. If you are unsure where this is, please contact your Registrar or Top Producer Customer Care.
  3. There will commonly be one or two A (host) records set up as part of your domain registration (which tell the registrar where the domain should direct visitors), which will currently be pointing to the registrars default page. Edit the A record to remove the existing entries and replace them with your website IP address obtained in step 1. Ensure you only change records that have either a @, *, or www as part of the entry. Save.

Note that it commonly takes 24 to 48 hours for domain name changes to take effect.

Configuring your Website to use your domain

After you have updated the DNS addresses within your registrar’s control panel, please follow the steps below to add your domain to your website.

  1. From the Quick Tools section of the main page, click on Manage My Domain Names and Email Addresses.

  2. Under Domains click Add Domain.

  3. Enter your domain name in the Enter Your Domain Name www. text box.

  4. Note: Ensure the domain name you enter is exactly the same as provided by your registrar and that it contains only valid characters. Valid characters consist of letters, numbers and periods “.”. Do not enter “www” in the space provided as it has already been entered for you. Example:

  5. Click OK.

This process configures the website servers to send visitors to your website when your domain is entered into the address bar of an internet browser. The changes should take effect within 48 hours, but can often happen much faster.

Domain Registrar Tutorials

Follow the links below for step-by-step instructions to configure DNS for some popular registrars:

Log in to configure a domain.

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