Top Producer® Websites: Popular Free Blog Services

A blog is a great addition to any Top Producer Website. If you don’t already have a blog there are numerous free services, some of which are below:


Adding a Blog to a Top Producer Website®

Add your blog to your Top Producer Website® as an External Content page by following the steps below:

  1. From the main menu click Edit Site, or choose Edit My Pages from the Quick Tools section of the main page. The Website Manager window opens.
  2. Click Manage My Pages. The Manage My Pages window opens.
  3. Click the Add Main Page button and select External Content. The New External Page window opens.
  4. In the Page Settings section, give your page a name, title, descrption and keywords.
  5. In the External Link section, enter the URL of your blog. (i.e.
  6. Click the Preview button to preview the page in a new windo.
  7. Click Save Page to save the page.

Note: External content is placed within a frame within the web page. However, some websites will not allow their content to be displayed inside frames. Instead, these sites will reroute your visitors to their own site. To test an external site, click the Preview button. A separate window will launch displaying your web page as it will be seen by your visitors.

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