Top Producer® 8i CRM: Setting Up Office 365 Integration

Once you’ve linked your Office 365 account to Top Producer CRM, you can pull in all of your Office 365 (Outlook) contacts. Updates will then occur automatically at scheduled times and you can automatically initiate them too. (See the Contacts section for more details.)

Note: This article focuses on integrating your Office 365 (Outlook) contacts with Top Producer CRM, but you can integrate your Office 365 calendar too. For more details, see the Calendar Feed article.

To set up integration with your Office 365 contacts:

  1. In Top Producer CRM, go to Settings > click the Integrations tab.


  2. Select the Office 365 (Outlook) option > then click Sign in to Office 365.

    Office 365

  3. After signing in to your account, if prompted to allow Top Producer CRM access to Office 365, click Yes. And that’s it—you’re connected!

Pulling your contacts in to Top Producer CRM

You can either pull all of your Office 365 contacts in to Top Producer CRM now, or do it later.

Pull now or later

If you pull them now, you can still work in Top Producer CRM. You’ll see the progress displayed in the top right (shown below).

Contact pull progress

And if you choose to pull them later, you can initiate this process at any time by going to Office 365 > Start update now.


Log in to setup Office 365 integration.

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