Updating Your Web Site to Receive Leads in Top Producer CRM

If you want to receive leads from your own web site, you can update the “Contact me” form on your web site. That way, when a lead submits a request for more info on your web site, the email will be in the format we need and sent to your @myleads.io address so you receive it in Top Producer CRM.

The changes required shouldn’t take long, and you or whoever developed your site can make them. You can rewrite your existing form manually, or you can use a form generator, like Gravity Forms or JotForm to create a new form.

Here are the golden rules for updating your “Contact Me” form that a lead fills out to get more info:

  1. The fields on the form should follow this format:

    MLS Number

  2. Important things to note about some of the above fields:
    • Source: Used to track where the lead came from. You can specify any value (for example, My Contact form).
    • Name: We noticed if a lead includes a number in their name (John5 Smith), depending on the format, we might not be able to save their name. You’ll still receive the lead info though. It’s not likely someone would include a number in their name, but we thought we’d let you know.
    • Email address: This is a required field. The lead doesn’t have to fill out any of the other fields though.
    • Address: Just so you know, this is the address the lead is inquiring about—not their actual property address.
    • MLS Number: You can take it or leave it on your “Contact Me” form (i.e. the lead doesn’t have to see it), but it has to be behind the scenes in the Contact Me form’s code. Sounds strange but we need this field in order to get the lead to you.

      If you choose to include it on your form, note that the value entered in this field either has to be blank or a valid MLS number.

  3. And finally, when a lead sends a request for more info, that request should go to your @myleads.io address. Here’s a very basic example:


    When the email is sent, it needs to contain the information in a very specific way with specific rules. Below are the rules and an example.

    Advanced Users: See Lead Metadata Specification for more options to customize your lead flow.

    • The body of the email must contain all headers shown in the below example, in the same order.
    • Headers without any data must still be included (i.e. MLS Number:)
    • Use a space to separate the field header from the data, and use a space at end of each section/line.
    • Optional: Additional custom headers and data can be added after the Notes field. They will be appended to Notes.


Source: www.MyWebsite.com
Name: Lead Name
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 555-555-5555
Address: 1234 Main St., Seattle, WA, 98103
MLS Number:
Notes: Notes go here
Custom Field(s): Additional fields are appended to notes

Example showing formatting

Name:[space]Lead Name[space]
Email:[space][email protected][space]
Address:[space]1234 Main St., Seattle, WA, 98103[space]
MLS Number:[space][space]
Notes:[space]Notes go here[space]
Custom Field(s):[space]Additional fields are appended to notes[space]

Log in to view your @myleads.io address (under Contacts).

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