Top Producer® 8i CRM: Publishing a Service Report to your Customer Web Page

Customer Web Pages are individual, password-protected web pages linked to a contact record. Every time you publish and send a service report, it appears on the web page and a link is sent to the contact’s email address.

Customer Web Pages can be used for both listings and closings. Each contact can have only one Customer Web Page. If your contact is involved in more than one listing or closing at a time, his or her web page will contain multiple tabs, each tab dedicated to a single listing or closing record.

Initial setup for Customer Web Page login page – the basic text and what to include – is usually done at the same time you do the initial setup of your 8i account. If you didn’t do it then, or you want to change the settings, follow the steps below.

You can set up your Customer Web page login page from two locations:

  • When you publish and send a generated service report
  • From 8i Settings

Setting Up Your Customer Web Page from a Service Report

  1. Open a service report and click the Publish & Send link. This opens the Publish & Send Service Report – Step 1 page.


  2. Click the Setup Customer Web Pages link to review your Customer Web Page setup. You’ll see a number of subsegments appear below the Customer Web Pages URL segment.
    1. Photos subsegment: Click the Add Photo link to include a photo of yourself or your company logo on your Customer Web Page login page.
    2. Preferences subsegment: If you don’t have a Top Producer Website, choose the first option button under the Website section. If you have a Top Producer Website, you can host your Customer Web Page on it. Choose the second option button under the Website section and type in your Website’s URL in the Domain Name field. Click the Test Link button to see if the connection between your Website and the Customer Web Page is successful. You can also choose to include your expenses and showing agent names on the service report.
    3. Customer Web Page Text subsegment: This segment is only available if you choose to use Top Producer CRM’s web pages. You can change the Web page title and text that appears on the login page and the service activities section after contacts log in.

  3. Click the Save Customer Web Page button to save your changes. You should now see a message on the Publish & Send Service Report – Step 1 page that your Customer Web Page setup is completed, with a link to view it.


  4. Click the link to preview the contact login page on a new internet browser tab.


  5. Close the tab once you’re finished previewing the login page. The login page setup is a one-time task (Publish & Send Service Report – Step 1). Once this is completed click the Next button to proceed to step 2.

Setting Up Your Customer Web Page from Your Preferences

  1. From the Account Menu in the top right corner of Top Producer CRM, click Settings from the drop down menu.
  2. Go to the Listings tab and click the Customer Web Page Setup subtab.
  3. From here, changing or viewing your Customer Web Page login page settings is the same as doing it from a generated report.

Setting up a Contact’s Customer Web Page Login Information

Once you’ve set up your login page, you’ll need to create login information for each contact.

  1. Open a generated report and click the Publish & Send link.
  2. From the Publish & Send Service Report – Step 2 page, click the Add Web Page link next to the contact’s name.


    Tip: Change the password to your own name to remind contacts they’re visiting your website or web page.

  3. Make sure you check the Email Credentials to Listing Party check box so the contact is emailed the username and password. You can also specify which listings and closings to display, if there are multiple.
  4. Click the Add Web Page button to save your changes.
  5. The contact’s username now appears next to his or her name.


  6. Once you’ve completed setting up the contact’s login information for the Customer Web Page, publish the service report by clicking the Nextbutton.

    Note: You only need to set up the Customer Web Page login page once. When you create a service report for a contact for the first time, you’ll need to create the contact’s Customer Web page login information. You can do this from the Publish & Send button of the service report, or the Manage Web Page button in the header of a Listing Record.

Email Your Contact a Link to the Service Report

The service report is now published to the Customer Web Page.

  1. Click the link to open a preview of the published report on a separate internet browser tab.


  2. Click the Email Service Report button to create an email to send to the contact with a link to the service report.


  3. Use the TP Editor to make any changes.
  4. Click the Previewbutton to preview the email on another internet browser tab. Close the preview to return to the email.

    Tip: Test the Service Report link from the preview.

  5. When you’re satisfied with the email, click the Send Email button.
  6. After the email is sent, an alert appears prompting you to mark the report done. Select Yes to remove the report from the Service Reports page.

Log in to publish a service report.

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