Top Producer® 8i CRM: Editing a Listing

Once you’ve entered your listings into Top Producer CRM, you can go back at any time to edit or add more details to them. When you open an existing listing record, the Listing Details form is used.

You can open a listing from two locations:

  • From the Listings tab of a contact record
  • From the Listings Summary page

Click on an address to open the listing in the Listing Details form. The header above the form provides you with a synopsis of the listing, including seller, agent, and listing date.


Directly below the Header, the Listing Details form has tabs that organize the various types of listing information: Property Address, Listing Info, Property Details, Listing Parties, Activities, Photos and Notes.


Each tab has different features and options available to help you maintain all aspects of a listing.

Property Address Tab

This tab contains address details for the property. You can edit the details by clicking into a field or clicking the Edit Property Address link at the bottom of the page. Click the Save Property Address button to save any changes.


Listing Info Tab

This tab is the administrative center of the listing record that holds the MLS number, status, list price, number of days on market, listing expiration date, showing information, and more. Click the Save Listing Information button to save any changes.


Property Details Tab

This tab gives you space to enter as much detail about the property as you can. You can add more data like room dimensions, community info, construction & materials, or financial and legal information. The details you add can be used in your feature sheets, open house, or just listed flyers.

Click into a field to add or change information. Once you’re satisfied with the changes, click the Save Property Details button.


Listing Parties Tab

This tab allows you to add any other listing parties, such as co-owners. Click the Add Listing Party link to open the Contacts Look-up tool to the right of the form. Drag and drop the selected contact anywhere on the tab.


Activities Tab

This tab allows you to track any scheduled and unscheduled activities, showings for the listing, and detailed service reports that include any actions you have taken on your client’s behalf. The tab is divided into 3 subtabs:

  1. Activities subtab: View your preplanned activities, such as listing plan activities, or schedule another activity by clicking the Add Activity button.

    Tip: Adding a new activity from the Listing Details form automatically links it to the primary seller.

  2. Service Activities and Showings subtab: View or create service activities or showings for the listing.

    Note: You can also view scheduled showings from the Listings landing page.

  3. Service Reports subtab: You can create a report that includes service activities and selected scheduled activities to send to your customer.


Photos Tab

If you imported photos along with listing data from the MLS, the photos appear in thumbnail view. To see a larger view and photo details, hover your mouse cursor over a photo.


Notes Tab

Click the New Note field to add any additional information related to the listing. The saved note includes the person who created the note and the time it was saved. You can print out the notes by clicking the Print Notes link. Click on a note to edit it.


Listing Details Form Links

There are two links that you’ll see at the bottom of some of the tabs:

  • Create Closing: Click this link to create a closing for the listing.
  • Upload to Websites: If you have a website other than a Top Producer Website, you can create a raw text file of your listings that can be given to your webmaster for uploading to your site. If you have a Top Producer Website, the process is easier because a connection already exists to your Top Producer database and is accessible from your Top Producer Website administrator login.

Customer Web Pages

You can create a customer web page from within a listing by clicking the Manage Web Page button in the listing header.


The customer web page allows your listing parties to view service activities and reports on the web using their own unique username and password.

Note: Before you can create a Customer Web Page from a listing, your Customer Web Pages must be setup. See Learn more about Setting up a Customer Webpage for more information.

Log in to edit a listing.

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