Top Producer® 8i CRM: The Contact Record Header

The header appears at the top of every contact record and provides both summary information and options to perform actions for the contact. The majority of information displayed in the header is obtained from the fields and options available when editing a contact.


Contact Photo and Summary Information

Contact Photo

The Photo area displays the contact’s picture you’ve selected in the Photos tab. If you haven’t selected a picture the silhouette image depicted in this example appears.


To the right of the contact’s photo is their name, address and contact information. To quickly edit these details, click the Edit links to display the relevant tab/area in edit mode.

Adjacent to their name, there are 3 icons:

contact-info-icon Displays a summary of their details.
family-friends-icon Displays details about their family and friends.
Contact Sync Icon If you’ve set up Google or Outlook Sync, this shows if they’re set to sync. (If gray, the contact is not set to sync, but you can click it to change their sync status.)

Contact Status Indicator

contact-status The Contact Status indicator shows the current status of this contact. Click the status to select another stage. Assigning statuses to your contacts helps you clearly define where your sales opportunities are in the lead lifecycle, enabling you to easily address the unique needs of each stage.

For more information, see Tracking the Lead Lifecycle Using Statuses.

Seller or Buyer Preferences


This area shows information entered into the Buyer Preferences section in the Lead Info tab. It is a quick reference to remind you of what type of property this contact might be interested in purchasing. (This section only appears if the Lead Type is set to Buyer or Buyer and Seller, or the Buyer contact type has been applied.)


This area shows the Active Listings that show under the Listings section in the Listings/Closings tab. It is a quick reference to remind you of what active listings this contact has. (This section only appears if the Lead Type is set to Seller, or the Seller contact type has been applied.)

Perform Action


The Perform Action menu provides a list of actions that are frequently performed for contacts. While these actions are also available in other areas, this feature brings them together in a convenient list inside the Contact Record.

View details
  • Create Market Snapshot: If you subscribe to Market Snapshot, this option opens the Create Snapshot window where you can quickly create and send a snapshot to the contact.
  • Add to Sync: If you have enabled Google Sync or Outlook Sync, clicking this option will include this contact in the sync.
  • Add to Office 365: If you have enabled Office 365 integration, clicking this option will send the contact to Office 365.
  • Apply Action Plan: Opens the Select Plans popup where you can apply an action plan to this contact.
  • Email All: Opens the Compose Mass Email screen and automatically adds all email addresses in the Contact Record.
  • Schedule Follow-Up: Opens the Add Activity screen and automatically associates this contact with the activity.
  • Perform Mail Out: Opens the Perform Mail Out Wizard and automatically associates this contact with the mail out.
  • Create Flyer: Will prompt you to choose a property belonging to this contact, then begin the process of creating a flyer.
  • Create Presentation: Opens the process for creating a presentation and automatically associates this contact with the Presentation.
  • Create Referral: Open the Add Referral screen and automatically adds this contact as the Referred Contact.


Print Report


The Print Report menu opens a list of all available reports that you can generate for this contact. Each report includes a different selection of information. For detailed information about creating reports, see Available Contact Reports.

Things to Talk About


Things to Talk About opens a popup where you can search listing data contained on® based on the property addresses in the Contact Record, or the information in their Buyer Preferences. The information returned includes a summary of listing data and maps showing the listing locations. This feature is designed to help give you relevant information to discuss with the contact when you meet with them, call them, or create marketing message. For more detailed information, see Things to Talk About.

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