Top Producer Mobile: About Following Up and Developing New Leads

Top Producer Mobile makes it easy to quickly and effectively follow up and develop new leads. In a matter of minutes, you can view new lead details, contact them and schedule a follow-up activity to ensure qualified leads are moved through the Sales Pipeline.

1) Be notified immediately when new leads are received:

Since timely follow up is crucial, enable Lead Alerts in Top Producer CRM desktop to be immediately notified via email and/or text message whenever a new lead is received.


2) Follow up and qualify the lead:

After receiving a lead alert, check the New new-icon tab in Top Producer Mobile (accessed by tapping Sales Pipeline from the Home page).

Tap the lead to display the key details you need to effectively follow up, and then call call-lead-icon, text text-lead-icon, send a Market Snapshot ms-icon, or email email-lead-icon to contact and qualify the lead.


3) Record qualified leads and begin the development process:

Immediately after contacting a lead, you will be asked if you want to qualify the lead and schedule a follow-up activity to ensure regular contact.

If you spoke to the lead, update their status to reflect what stage they are in. Move the status to Engage if not yet qualified, Active for a short-term opportunity, or Future for a long-term opportunity.


Log in to follow up with leads.

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