Top Producer Mobile: Viewing Your Team Calendar

If you have a team/partner account, you can view your team members’ calendars and availability and schedule appointments for each other.

Tip: Whether you have a single agent or team/partner account, your assistants will be able to view team members’ calendars and schedule appointments if they have been granted access rights in the My Account area in Top Producer CRM desktop.

Viewing the team calendar

You can view a specific team member’s calendar and modify existing appointments.

  1. From the My Business Calendar view, tap the Team team-icon icon.

    The list of team members appears on the left, while your calendar and booked appointments appear on the right. Or, if there are only two members in your team, his or her calendar will appear.


    Tip: If there are multiple members in your team, tapping Open time slots gives you a combined calendar view that displays your team’s availability for any given day.

  2. If necessary, tap a team member’s name to view their calendar.


    1. Tap the calendar to jump to a particular date, or tap the arrows to jump forward or backward a single day at a time.
    2. Displays your team member’s calendar. Schedule an appointment by tapping on an available time slot.
    3. Displays your calendar and booked appointments.
    4. Tap a team member’s existing appointment to edit, delete or mark the activity complete.

    Note: Currently team appointments must be added/modified in the Top Producer CRM desktop application.

Scheduling appointments for a team member

You can schedule appointments for a team member by first viewing his or her calendar, and then tapping on an available time slot.

  1. From the My Business Calendar view, tap the Team team-icon icon and, if necessary, tap the team member’s name to display their calendar.
  2. Tap on an available time slot to schedule an appointment.


Log in to view your team calendar.

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