Top Producer Mobile: Follow-up Coach

Regular follow-up is the key to achieving repeat business and referrals. So each day we’ll give you 5 clients to connect with and suggest actions based on your relationship.

Follow up with just 5 a day and you’ll reap the benefits later!

How we choose who you should connect with


  1. We split your database into groups.

    See groups

    past-client Past client: Those assigned the Past client contact type, have a pipeline status of Closed, and those you’ve created a listing/closing for.

    sphere-of-influence Sphere of influence: Those assigned the Sphere of Influence contact type.

    new New: Any leads you enter, receive from your lead providers, and assign a pipeline status of New.

    import Import: Any contacts you’ve imported into Top Producer CRM.

    everyone-else Everyone else: Anybody else who doesn’t meet the above requirements.


  2. In Top Producer CRM on your desktop, you set how often you want to connect with each group.

    See how

    You can’t set this on your mobile device, but in Top Producer CRM on your desktop, you can set how much time should pass before we remind you to connect. You can turn rules off too.

    For details, see the desktop article.


  3. We keep track of actions you take with your contacts. When the last action reaches the number of days you set in step 2, we’ll start to remind you to follow up.

    See actions we pay attention to


    Any time you do any of the following, we think you’ve connected with a contact:

    • Wrap up an action or important date.
    • Complete an activity.
    • Change a contact’s pipeline status.
    • Add a note.
    • Send a Market Snapshot.


Following up

Each day the Follow-up Coach will provide you with contacts you should connect with. (To view the coach, from the Home screen, just tap Follow-up Coach.)

Tap Take Action to give them a call, or send an email, text message or Market Snapshot (if applicable).


If you send an email, you can compose your own, or save time and send one of our quick email templates!


After you’ve followed up, wrap it up by recording the details and scheduling the next follow-up. And when it’s all said and done, give yourself a pat on the back!



How does Follow-up Coach determine who I need to connect with?

We know who’s who in your database and the last time you took action with them. Based on this, we give you 5 a day to reach out to. All you have to do is set how often you want to connect and organize your database (assign contact types and pipeline statuses).

For more details, see the How we choose… section above.


How do I set how often I want to connect with each group?

You do this in Top Producer CRM on your desktop. For details see desktop article.


The Follow-up Coach isn't displaying any contacts I should connect with. How do I fix this?

Tip 1: As you’re entering new contacts into the system, make sure you’re assigning contact types (past client, sphere of influence, etc).


Tip 2: Make sure you’re setting the contact’s pipeline status as you go along. This will help you quickly identify where a contact is in the lead lifecycle.


Tip 3: As you receive new leads, make sure you add them to the system (and assign the New pipeline status). Also, make sure you set up your lead providers so your leads automatically appear in Top Producer CRM.


Tip 4: Import contacts into Top Producer CRM on your desktop. (After you import contacts, make sure to follow tips 1 & 2 above!)



I want to add my own email templates to use in the Follow-up Coach. Can I do this?

Yes! It’s easy, but you have to do it in Top Producer CRM on your desktop.

Just go to Marketing > Template Library. Click Email Library > and from the Show Category drop-down select Follow-up coach quick response emails.

From here you can modify our templates or create new ones. Just make sure you save the template in the “Follow-up coach quick response emails” category and you’ll be good to go!


After I send an email from the Follow-up Coach, where can I view it?

Emails sent from the Follow-up Coach on mobile are sent through your device’s default email client and are not tracked under completed activities. You can view the email in your email client’s sent folder.


What happens if I click Skip on a contact?

The contact won’t start appearing in the Follow-up Coach again until the number of days you specified in the Settings.


Have more questions? See the FAQs in the desktop article!

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