Top Producer® Broker: How to set up your agents, teams and assistants

So you want to set up your agents/teams and assistants in Top Producer CRM—yay!

Here are the types of users you can set up to use Top Producer CRM:

  • Assistants: You can share them so they can access an unlimited number of agents and team accounts and only 1 license is required.
  • Single Agents: They can have assistants, but they fly solo and don’t work with any other agents.
  • Teams: This can be 2 or more agents that work together.

Setting up users is easy, and if you click Summary under Admin, you’ll see how many licenses you have available to you.


Adding a team

When you first create your team, you set who the Lead Agent is going to be. The Lead Agent can view assistant details and set feature access and permissions.

To create a team, just click Teams from the left menu > Add New Team.


Then enter the team name and the Lead Agent’s details.


Now you can add agents to the team by clicking the team name from the list > Add New Agent.

add team agent

Adding a solo agent

Adding a solo agent is easy. Under Admin, click Agents > Add New Agent.

add solo agent

Adding an assistant

You can select as many teams/agents that the assistant works with and only 1 assistant license is required.

To add an assistant, under Admin, click Assistants > Add New Assistant.

add assistant

Then you can enter the assistant’s details and select the account(s) they work with.

assistant select account

Log in to set up your agents, teams and assistants.

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