Top Producer Mobile: Viewing Activities

From the My Business area you can display your call, appointment, listing, closing and to-do activities in either a Calendar or List view.

Tip: Swiping an activity description in either view provides a quick way of performing various actions on activities (see items 5-8 in the List view below).

Calendar view


  1. Switch to List view.
  2. Add an activity.
  3. Tap the calendar to jump to a particular date. Tap the arrows to jump forward or backward a single day at a time.
  4. Displays both your incomplete and complete appointments.
  5. Displays incomplete call, listing, closing and to-do activities.
  6. Swipe an activity description from left to right to see additional actions (see items 5-8 in the List view below).
  7. Tap to mark the activity complete. Tap again to mark the activity incomplete.

List view


  1. Switch to Calendar view.
  2. Add an activity.
  3. View your Call calls-tab-my-business, Appointment appt-tab-my-business, To-do to-dos-tab-my-business, and Listing/Closing (listing-tab-my-business/closing-tab-my-business) to-do activities. By default, incomplete activities appear in the list. Tap the tab again to display complete activities.
  4. Swipethe activity description from left to right to see additional actions.
  5. If one contact is associated with the activity, tap this icon to call the contact.
  6. Tap to provide a visual reminder that the activity is high priority and requires your attention. The indicator (priority-list-icon) appears when viewing your activity lists.
  7. Mark the activity complete. If viewing completed activities, tapping this icon will mark the activity incomplete.
  8. Delete the activity.

Log in to view activities.

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