About Top Producer CRM Mobile

Top Producer CRM Mobile makes it easy to manage your business wherever you are, with full access to your contact, notes and task lists and the ability to manage them. In addition, managing your sales pipeline has never been easier, as contextual coaching intelligently guides you through lead follow up, qualification and incubation.

See below for an overview of the key features in Top Producer CRM Mobile.

Tip: If you are already familiar with the basics of Top Producer CRM Mobile, visit our updates page to see what’s new in this latest release.

contacts-icon Contacts

Your full Top Producer CRM contact list is available, including the ability to search for contacts and add/edit their information. From the contact record, you can call, send a text mesage, email or Market Snapshot to the contact, display their properties on a map, and more. Learn more about Managing Contacts >>


active-icon Track the Progress of Your Sales Opportunities

Using contact statuses, you can clearly define where your sales opportunities are in their lifecycle, enabling you to track their progress and easily address the unique needs of each stage. Learn more about contact statuses >>


my-business-icon My Business

View the tasks you need to complete in two convenient views-Calendar or List view. You can add, modify and delete activities, and prioritize and record those you have completed. In addition, if you have a team/partner account, you can view your team members’ calendars and schedule appointments for each other. Learn more about My Business >>


wrap-up-icon Wrap Up Touchpoints and Activities

Whenever you place a call and send an email, text message or Market Snapshot from Top Producer CRM Mobile, you are prompted to record the details and schedule a follow-up activity. In addition, you can wrap up an activity-call, to-do or appointment-after you mark it done. Learn more about Wrapping Up Touchpoints and Activities >>


notes-icon Notes

You can view a complete list of all your notes from a master list, as well as from the related contact, activity or property record. Notes can be linked to as many contacts, listings and closings as you like, or you can add a note that isn’t associated with any record. Learn more about managing notes >>


sales-pipeline-icon Sales Pipeline

Since timely follow up is crucial, you can immediately be notified when new leads are received, and be provided with the key details you need to ensure a successful touchpoint. You are intelligently guided through the process, so it only takes a minute to follow up, qualify and incubate new leads. Learn more about Sales Pipeline >>


properties-icon Properties

View your listing/closing details, including the address, list/sale price, important dates, property features and more. You can also manage your activities and view any associated parties from the Listing/Closing Record. Learn more about Properties >>


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