Adding a Top Producer 8i Mobile Icon to Your Home Screen

Homescreen icon

You can easily add an icon for Top Producer Mobile on your device’s Home screen. This will give you quick access to Top Producer Mobile with one touch! Using the browser on your device, go to and log in.

When you are logged in to Top Producer Mobile, follow these steps:

  • iPhone (Safari): Tap sendto-icon > then tap Add to Home Screen.
  • iPhone (Chrome – bookmark only): Tap menu-iphone-chrome > then tap star-icon. (This adds a bookmark to your Bookmarks list.)
  • BlackBerry: Press Menu blackberry-menu-icon > Add to Home Screen.
  • Android (Chrome browser): Tap menu-chrome > then tap Add to Home screen or Install web app.

Watch the video:

Tip for iPhone Users

It’s easy to save your password in Safari! After entering your password on the login screen, tap Passwords.

Then tap Save This Password.

Log in to Top Producer Mobile.

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