Top Producer® X CRM: Organize Your Contacts

Organize your contacts, respond to new leads, and never miss an opportunity again. Go to Contacts to customize your contact tabs and set Follow-up Reminders.

To Customize Contact Tabs

Customize the default tabs to fit your business. Add custom tabs, remove unwanted tabs, and rearrange however you want.

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire you:

  • Save everyone assigned the Sphere of Influence contact type to a tab so you can cycle through them to check in and ask for referrals.
  • Save a tab for everyone that lives in Glenview so you can tell them about the new local hotspot or the fundraiser you’re involved with this coming weekend.

To add a custom tab, click the cog icon and select Create tab…

To reorder your tabs, drag and drop the tab along the tab bar. To remove a tab, drag the tab off the bar and drop when it turns red. (Favorites, All and Follow-up cannot be removed)

To Add Follow-Up Reminders

Click Add Reminder and set how often you want to follow up with the contacts in the current tab.

Contacts that pass the “last touch” date you specify will be highlighted and marked as overdue.

Log in to Top Producer® X CRM and organize your contacts.

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